iPas2 System Review and Breakdown


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What is super cool.... 

It's built in API will tie BACK to your empower team... so EVEN if your team were to join before, after with someone ELSE'S link... the system check it and realigns it back to you.

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YOU keep your team ;)

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Check out this resource Below 
on some pretty cool Video Creation Tools.

17 Video Creation Tools

Tons of people was asking how I made some neat graphics with my video, so I thought I would share with you my favorites and more resources so you can have some fun too with all these 17 video creation tools.

So here is a list of my favorites and so go have fun testing!

1. Stupeflix!

We have fun with these themes and adding the fun music that is ready for us. You can also upload your own music and videos and really customize it. It's really easy and fast to do too that I have even have my daughter making hers too!

Watch my preview of all the different tools you can use to create a video:

2. Animoto

3. Prezi

Prezi is similar to a PowerPoint presentation. It makes it more interactive with a different look to it. So change up those plain boring presentations with this platform!


4. Photosnack

This platform is more like a gallery for photographers to make it clean looking. So be creative when adding your pictures with music to this platform. There are also apps that come in this platform is similar.


5. Mixbook

Yes, this is a scrapbook site. Yet I thought it would be creative to create unique pictures that you can add to your videos. There are several more scrapbook sites, so this was just an extra idea for ya.

6. Kizoa

This looks like a site that more countries can enjoy the benefits of a video template site. Simply add your pictures, slide shows, videos to insert to their template for a fun video.


7. Dvolver - MovieMaker

What can I say, classic? Make a plain video inside this platform. Download the real software of movie maker. This site allows you to pick background, certain character's and a short conversation. Fun to be short and creative! This is a short example of their embedded video. You can not download the video for other sites.

Read more: http://www.2asuccessdreamblog.com/17-video-creation-tools/#ixzz3BVrTBqRm


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